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Love Revolution Official Music Video

Director: Nelio Sam
Producer: Steve Kalinda
Executive Producer: Dani Nadiri
Cinematograhy and 
Camera 1: Deborah Caleb Raffaele
Camera 2: Marika Godwin-ndaya
Edit Producer: Nelio Sam
Editor: Deborah Caleb Raffaele
Music: Victoria Picone feat Delly J

Love Revolution Teaser

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Love Revolution Teaser


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Love Revolution-Victoria Picone feat. Delly-J

Official launch party and premiere of Christian music video at the Alley Cat Bar, 4 Denmark Street, London,WC2H 8NJ, 30 November 2013, doors open at 17.30 for 18.30 start


"It's about time we spread some influence, speak truth to everyone who's new to this, devote our lives to represent truthfulness of every hurt and pain that's tainted in the crucifix." Love Revolution lyrics 

A new sound will be released this week. French folk-pop singer Victoria Picone and Dagenham hip hop artist, Delly-J will officially launch their duet and accompanying music video, Love Revolution at the Alley Cat in Soho under famous Regent Sound Studios where the Rolling Stones recorded their first album. The event will feature live performers. With a catchy verse and meaningful uplifting lyrics this gentle guitar-based folk-pop single, complete with a rap-break, has all the components of a significant chart debut. The music video follows downbeat commuters on a double-decker bus from Oxford Street to Greenwich,they come back to life, from a black and white reality to colour, after hearing Victoria and Delly-J performing Love Revolution.

Paris-based Victoria, 21, originally from the South of France, has been playing music the age of six-years-old. She explains the concept of the song she was inspired to write for a Christian festival in France: "Love Revolution is a calling to unity. We as humans complicate the story of life a lot, are easily tempted to grow on things that tend to destroy us. But what I’ve realized through my experience is that wherever pure love is centred, everything flows and if it’s good for you, it happens." A multitalented musician, she plays the piano and guitar. Although she was raised in a Christian family, she reveals, "It's when my dad died when I was six that I realized how strong you get when you believe and grow in God. My age didn't matter, my teachers at school were coming to me to talk about how I saw life and it was the great opportunity to share about my faith." Victoria extended her reach in London, studying Creative Music & Performing Arts at Newham College, Stratford and at the Worship Central Academy run by Holy Trinity Brompton church, she played venues like 12 Bar, King's College London's Tutu's nightclub and Aspers Casino in Stratford. In Paris, she performed in front of the prestigious Notre Dame Cathedral for France's annual outdoor Fête de la Musique (Festival of Music) with Franco-Christian charity Anuncio. Victoria's currently working on her debut album and has a sample single 'Shelter' available on iTunes.

"Love can be pushed forward as protest, it's the one thing worth revolting for, love never fades," explains Delly-J, a member of chart-topping historically Australian, Hillsong Church's London worship team. Delly-J (real name Dele John) has been rapping for 4 years, performing at venues such as Rich Mix and Troy Bar, London, he elaborates, "I'm not your typical Dagenham artist, I've spent some time in Nigeria, I don't do grime or garage and I don't speak much slang either. I genuinely write my lyrics so people can understand what I'm saying." He will release his EP end of this year 'I Am the Difference'.

"This whole project was just a succession of miracle upon miracle."- Dani Nadiri, Producer

The Love Revolution music video was produced by a diverse team, representing the current face of global Christianity: Love Revolution was directed by Australian East Timorese, Nelio Sam, with British-Iranian Dani Nadiri (BBC World News) and Rwandan Steve Kalinda (Kas Productions) as co-producers. All of the Love Revolution production team met at Hillsong Church's London branch after a 'Vision Sunday' a special Sunday service in spring this year, designed to motivate and inspire congregants to go for their dreams and persevere in the face of resistance in their lives. That same evening, Dani was introduced to Steve and Nelio at their local post-church hangout All Bar One, by her Velocity 25+ team leader, a man called Ani Akosa. Nelio adds,"I had a vision that it was going to be big, I knew I would be working with a lot of passionate, like minded people who were willing to give their talents through love of the arts and the love of community.""We didn't have any budget, it was a budget of love," confesses Steve Kalinda, Producer. The Love Revolution team managed to raise all the funds (£1,200) they needed for the video within two weeks, holding a fundraiser gig on February 23, 2013 at the Alley Cat. Anuncio also got behind the vision, donating the money needed to hire a double-decker bus. Nelio Sam led the forty-strong Love Revolution cast through a professional casting process and training workshop at BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place. FuNkoLoGy a dance crew from London's premier science university, Imperial College London, choreographed the shoot.

"Not all the cast and crew were Christians, they were from all over London, we see a gap in the market, with Christian labels only marketed at Christians. We want to bridge the gap between mainstream and non-mainstream culture with the principles we learn from God."- Love Revolution Production Team

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By Zaneta Denny



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A Labour of Love: The Making of Love Revolution

Amy LeBlanc

Amidst the countless hours of music video content produced every year, artists have gone to shocking measures in an effort to draw in viewers. But overly sexualized scenes and dark, violent themes have simply become the new norm. Defying the controversial trends of sex, suicide, retribution and abusive relationships, the new Love Revolution video for Victoria Picone and Delly J’s new single shines against the murky backdrop and dares to send a different message – one of love.

“We want Love Revolution to inspire people – infusing love in their lives, breaking from the mundane and the dark to spread love in the world,” explains Nelio Sam, the directorial mastermind behind the new video, “we want them to understand the value of revolutionizing their lives by giving love.”

The circumstances surrounding the making of this video, as depicted in the upcoming documentary, couldn’t have suited the song more perfectly. A motley crew of freelance artists, musicians and visionaries with completely contrasting creative styles, sounds and tastes came together with a mutual vision to capture and distribute the message of Love Revolution.

“The whole thing came together very quickly,” explains Steve Kalinda, an independent filmmaker who had originally been recruited by Victoria and Delly J to direct their video. The filmmaker was blown away the first time he heard the artists perform but he knew he wasn’t the right fit to lead the creative team, “my energy didn’t match the energy of the track,” says Steve, “I’m a little dark in my style and the video needed more colour.” So Steve quickly recruited his friend, Nelio Sam, a freelance artist, to take charge.

Victoria and Delly J immediately fell in love with Nelio and his vision for their video. “Our visions completely matched,” says Delly J. Described as Steve’s opposite, Nelio’s art is vibrant, inspiring and brimming with positivity, much like Nelio himself. “He’s is a very passionate guy and it comes out in everything he does. It’s what I love about him,” says Steve. Never without a warm smile, Nelio lives what he preaches. His intense sincerity is a rare find not only in the difficult world of the visual arts that is filled with negativity and recycled creativity, but perhaps in all of London.

Finding common ground in a team of opposites was certainly a beautiful example of the Love Revolution in action, but sharing a vision and implementing one are two very different things.

“We knew we wanted to set the scene on a bus or in the tube but it was too hard to get permissions to film in the tube and we still had no budget,” says Steve, “but once Dani came onto the project things started falling into place.”

Having worked at the BBC World News, Dani Nadiri was recruited onto the project for her energy and expertise and quickly became a key player as the Executive Producer of the video. In order to secure a budget, the team arranged a fundraiser at the music-hub Alley Cat in Soho. In less than two weeks the team had managed to spread the word about Love Revolution and raise £1200 to set their dreams in motion.

Deborah Caleb Rafaelle, a highly creative freelance director was the last addition to the team as Director of Photography before filming began. Having seen her work elsewhere, Nelio and Steve tracked Deborah down and convinced her to join their project and movement. “Deborah has a beautifully creative eye for the camera,” explains Steve, “together, Deborah and Nelio are a genius team.”

“Our group had a vision and a dream,” says Deborah, “and we made it happen because we believed we could.”

The vision of the video, set on a bus in London, is electric and powerful. Heavily inspired by a revolutionary past, creative expression contrasts the darkness of the mundane with the colours of life and love, bringing hopefulness to the world.

“We were made to dance and sing” explains Nelio. It is this very value and promotion of creative expression that resonates throughout the entire team, from the musicians to the crew and the actors.

“For me, this song is about revolting for something you love,” says Steve, “I have to do what I love – even if I only sleep two hours a night. I encourage you to act, sing or dance. Don’t be afraid to do what you love.”

This team’s passion and love for their art reached other artists, actors and dancers, all volunteers who participated in the filming of this video. Inspired by the message of Love Revolution, they seized this opportunity to do what they love.

“On the second day of shooting it snowed,” says Nelio, “There were line disruptions on six tube lines and yet, at 8am all 70 volunteers – dancers, crew, actors and extras – were there. It was amazing to see.”

More than the specific roles they played in the filming of this video, Nelio insists each volunteer is a crucial member of the Love Revolution and hopes the final product makes them proud. As for future project, this energetic director is looking forward to collaborating with the same team again. “I love working with people who have the fire to ignite something positive,” says Nelio.

The message of Love Revolution is far reaching, to share your love in your most unique and personal ways. “It’s about nurturing whatever love you have left in you and then giving it away,” explains Nelio, “Sing a tune, hug someone and give a smile or a kind word of encouragement. Everybody has love in them, however big or small, and it’s just about tapping into it. If you keep the love you have to yourself, it diminishes. But if you share it with others, it grows.”

Love Revolution features Victoria’s decorative and mystical sound with Delly’s rhythmic, staccato vocals – another marriage of perfect opposites.

“I hope the song makes people want to sing or dance along, that they come away with happiness and joy in their hearts when they hear the message of the song – that they realize love is real and everyone has a right to access it,” says Delly J, “it’s individuals, people in my life, that inspire me to write and rap and do what I do, so I hope this song inspires them.” Steve hopes the video inspires people too, to follow their dreams – “particularly those who hope to do creative work. It’s possible – however dark the industry can be.”

The upcoming documentary features the struggles and triumphs of this team and seeks to capture the dedication and passion they have for their art. Driven by the belief that they can produce and create art that has the potential to change lives, this documentary highlights the authenticity of their teamwork and demonstrates how love and humility can overcome conflict.

“No one is saying that life isn’t hard,” says Nelio, “but I hope we can encourage and lift each other up.”

Even though the concept of Love Revolution isn’t a difficult one to understand, for many people, living out positivity in their lives isn’t so simple. It can be scary to step outside of the norm, to hug a stranger or to speak a kind word to a difficult co-worker. How can we achieve this in our daily lives? “Love doesn’t have pride. Pride and fear walk together,” says Nelio, “when we decide to be humble, to strip away our pride and look beyond our own insecurities we can bring positivity rather than negativity into the world.”

More than a song or a trend, Love Revolution is a movement, an infection of love, “I want people to learn how to share their love with others who need it,” says Nelio, “with that kind of love we could abolish fear, hate, racism and shame.” It’s a lofty goal, but perhaps a perfect one for where the entire industry finds itself. Isn’t it time for a Love Revolution?


Production Photos By Clara Mill




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